Does anyone STILL believe a word that Boris Johnson says? The useful idiots at Mixmag do!

Earlier this week, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson did another one of his press conferences. It followed the usual format. Johnson waffled on for a bit about something he knew next to nothing about, then journalists got to ask questions that he wouldn’t answer.

This week, he was mostly telling us about how the Indian variant of Covid-19 was a concern – and he’s not entirely wrong. In the same breath, he then tells us his plan for removing all lockdown restrictions in England on June 21st has not changed.

Surely enough, this is the bit that Mixmag listened to. It seems all the money in the world wouldn’t persuade them to write about plague rave DJs going to India and raking it in, but they are happy to write about this.

And they call themselves a dance music magazine.

The joke appears to be on them. As I’ve written more than once before, he’s not to be trusted on this. Then again, if you believe that a man who had sex with his mistress on the family sofa whilst his wife was out can be trusted on anything, it appears you’re as much of a joke as Mixmag is…

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