Here’s something you won’t see often on this blog – a defence of Spotify raising their prices!

I note that Spotify has finally decided to do something that nearly every other company on the planet does – and that is actually raise its prices by a little bit. Shocker!

Last year, they were ridiculed – largely by me, it has to be said – for “experimenting” with the idea of raising their prices by trialing it with some of their customers. They appeared to be convinced it would lead to an exodus from the service.

Sky doesn’t lose heaps of customers when they announce their subscriptions are going up in price. Nor does BT, Netflix or any other number of services. And it won’t happen for Spotify either.

Perhaps the move is part of a plan to get enough money in Daniel “Mr Burns” Ek’s war chest to buy his beloved Arsenal football club? Only time will tell. Whatever his motivation, well done for finally doing something normal.

Now if you could sort out decent payments for artists next, that would be lovely…

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