Wednesday Whisper #3 – the DJ who helped a friend with cocaine addiction, but has a disturbing attitude towards a relapse…

Which DJ and less prolific producer has adopted the most two-faced approach with his long-time friend? The friend confided that he was living in a crack house and had a massive cocaine addiction. It was causing him problems with his kidneys and other health issues.

The DJ, to his eternal credit, helped him out. He gave him a safe refuge away from the crack house and managed to help him secure a kidney transplant, something that the friend basically needed if he was to have any chance of staying alive.

The same DJ cannot, however, respect the privacy of his friend and is currently telling anyone who’ll listen – and a few people who won’t – what exactly he did to help him. And more worryingly, he is somewhat revelling in the fact his friend has relapsed of late and is now back on the cocaine…

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