Exposed as a fake musician, accused of sexual assault by at least 18 women – and what’s Derrick May’s latest problem? He doesn’t like his manager!

It’s not much fun being Derrick May at the moment. His entire musical legacy is in the gutter, he can’t move for allegations of sexual assault and rape and now? His new manager refuses to let him do what he wants.

May’s previous manager was Patricia Altisent. Sometime in the past few months, she set up the Nyaera Agency and taken all of Transmat’s artists with her – with the sole exception of May. The details of how she was able to do this are shrouded in mystery.

Anyway, Carl Craig has taken May under his wing, for reasons best known to Carl Craig. And his wife, Hagi, is now managing May as well as Craig. She’s a serious force in artist management – she’s the reason that Craig usually commands a five figure fee per appearance.

But two sources have told me that May isn’t a fan of his new boss. My first source said “Yeah, Derrick doesn’t like her. With Patricia, he could do whatever the f**k he liked. He’s having to really behave himself with Hagi in charge and he hates it. Controlling himself isn’t in his DNA.”.

And another says, even more succinctly, “I dread to think how much his ass will get kicked if she finds out some of the things May’s been calling her.”.

You’d imagine that anyone facing the mountain of allegations May does would welcome anyone who could help him. Apparently not…

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