Hard to work with, convinced that Defected owe him millions in royalties – and other curious questions about Peven Everett, creator of garage anthem “Gabriel”

There’s been some interesting responses to my post yesterday about Roy Davis Jr supposedly taking credit for “Gabriel” when he didn’t make any of it. This is according to Peven Everett, anyway.

One of my sources who’s worked with both men in the past told me that “Roy Davis Jr never put out anything else that sounded like this”, but that doesn’t really confirm anything. Roy Davis Jr has been contacted for comment.

In the meantime, the same source told me about his experiences of working with Everett. He said “The guy was a d**k. He kept changing all the arrangements. Everything took far longer than it should, and cost a lot more money than it should. I sure as f**k haven’t worked with him since”.

Whenever faced with such accusations in the past, Everett has claimed it’s part of a strategy by the majors to stop his career from progressing further. Just about the only collaboration he doesn’t complain about is his work with Gorillaz.

The inbox has a number of other similar stories. Even more interesting, however, is Everett’s claim made last October and still on his Twitter account, that Defected owe him millions of pounds in royalties. He appears to be referring to an album he did for their Soul Heaven outfit in the mid-2000s.

A source close to the label, when I mentioned this, simply gave a two word reply to the claim, namely “it’s b******s”. As for Defected themselves, they’ve been approached for comment.

In the meantime, the question remains of whether “Gabriel” is a solo creation or a joint creation…

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