A love story akin to Romeo and Juliet, it certainly isn’t: the story of the ups and downs of a VERY long relationship between Pete Tong and Pacha

These days, Pete Tong is very much at the top of the Pacha tree. Just before Christmas last year, it was revealed that he’d just joined the board of directors at the club – adding another occupation to the man a friend dubs “the Miss Rabbit* of the dance world”.

Things weren’t always this rosy, though. In 2003, Tong became a resident DJ at the club, although he had appeared as a guest numerous times during the 1990s. This residency continued until 2007 and appeared, on the face of it, to be quite successful. Several compilations came out of it, and they sold well.

Then in 2007, Tong suddenly left Pacha. There was no announcement at the time from either party. No best wishes from Pacha for Tongy’s future. No statement of how proud Tong had been to be a resident DJ for such a high profile club for five years. Nothing at all.

In 2008, he went to Eden in San Antonio. And again, barely a word said. Yet by 2011, he was back working with Pacha again. No one has ever explained what is supposed to have happened during those three years. Was it just that Tong fancied doing something else, or was there something else amiss?

It’s a question to which we might never know the answer…

* In case you don’t know what I’m on about here, Miss Rabbit is a character on British cartoon show Peppa Pig, who does loads and loads of different jobs. At least 47, according to this

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