Isn’t it time someone had a word? CamelPhat are now threatening to sue a journalist – because she dared to disclose their wealth using papers THEY uploaded to Companies House!

CamelPhat have been around for quite a lot longer than anyone realises. They’re actually two guys called Dave Whelan and Mike Di Scala, and I first came across their names when they were working with Boss Records, a former Ministry of Sound imprint based in Liverpool.

The CamelPhat alias goes back all the way to 2010, although they were largely on the underground side. This all changed in 2017 when they teamed up with Elderbrook to make “Cola”, signed to Defected and hailed by Simon Dunmore as “the record that changed our strategy”.

They’re two talented men, there’s no denying it. Yet from their social media, you’d be half forgiven for thinking that DJ Sneak has taken over their Twitter account – such is their penchant for engaging in fights with anyone who criticises them. One would imagine their long time in the industry would have given them a thicker skin.

For example, this week, they appeared to change their tune on allegations they are anti-vaxxers. Last September, they were asked whether they would take a Covid vaccine. The reply?

Yet this week, they claimed they were misquoted. In a tweet on Wednesday after Business Teshno shared the quote once more, they replied with “The rest of the tweet from September 2020 went on to say not right now no, it needed to be tested/approved etc. I’m not against it, I just wanted to feel safe, Is that a crime?”.

You can make your minds up on that one. Less clear, however, is why they’re angry with Scottish journalist Zab Mustefa. After she posted a tweet revealing their earnings – which she obtained from publicly available information at Companies House – they said it’s “with the solicitors now”.

If either Whelan or Di Scala now wish to sue people for publicly declaring how much money they have using publicly available information in documents that they signed themselves, they might wish to sue Google as well. A quick search of the names of either men yields the result for Companies House that affronts them so much.

Anyway, talking to another Twitter user on Thursday afternoon about the row, they tried to explain themselves with this clanger

They appear to be under the impression that this information being out there makes them and their families more likely to be targeted by thieves. Casting aside the fact their registered address is a swanky office block in Liverpool city centre, I very much doubt that Whelan and Di Scala keep all their money under their sofas.

And in another sign the two men are losing their marbles after being away for 15 months from the clubs, they put up a poll asking followers whether they’d be willing to pay into a fund for a possible £10k fine if a club was to open before restrictions were lifted.

They made clear to another followers that the poll was “theoretical”, but one has to wonder who is advising these two. They have not played any plague raves in the past 15 months, but the optics of this are just terrible. Anyone who saw the poll might be under the impression they were serious.

After this week, questions should no doubt be asked by those higher up. Back in January, CamelPhat signed a publishing deal with Sony/ATV – will they be watching the latest shenanigans with concern? What about record label RCA?

It’s an open question, but someone close to the gentlemen might wish to have a word. Going after people on social media and threatening journalists might look good to some of your Twitter followers – it is not going to be seen so favourably by potential future employers.

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