It was off, then it was on, then it was off, (probably) and what happens next is anyone’s guess – so what IS going on with Tomorrowland?

A while ago, they said Tomorrowland wasn’t going to happen this year. Then rumours started popping up and were later confirmed that it would be going ahead. And now? No sod knows is an accurate synopsis.

You see, there’s one rather big problem – amidst this curious game of hokey cokey being played out in Tomorrowland world and the press, no one thought to bother asking the Belgian authorities for their view. They were only the people who had to licence the event, after all…

So when the Belgian government refused the permit for the event to go ahead, everyone appeared to feign surprise. They cited a couple of reasons – not least the fact that only events of up to 400 people can go ahead at the moment, so they have no idea when it’ll be possible to approve it. Security concerns about policing were also expressed, although this is the least of their problems.

Seems a bit of a weird strategy, doesn’t it? Book all the acts for the festival, announce your lineup, sell thousands and thousands of tickets to pay for many of the costs festivals have before the event even happens – but leave applying for the permit so you can hold the aforementioned event until last.

Smacks of arrogance to me…

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