Hands up who thinks being associated with an illegal rave is a good idea? Not even the DJs going to the event want to talk about Save Our Scene UK’s temper tantrum this Sunday…

Save Our Scene are having their big temper tantrum on the streets of London this coming Sunday. But things aren’t going to plan. The media aren’t exactly bending over backwards to report the story – and the hearts and minds campaign isn’t going all that well either.

Their own social media pages are currently being besieged by anti-vaxxers and the usual loonies who think organisers are sellouts. Why? Because they spoke to the police before the event to make sure that the fate of  hundreds of thousands of pounds of equipment isn’t to provide impromptu parties at police stations across London. The sheer temerity of them, eh?

Elsewhere, the DJs who are appearing – apparently as part of phase 1 – aren’t doing much to spread the message either.  Let’s see what they’ve been doing to promote the event on Twitter. List correct as of 8am this morning…

Alan Fitzpatrick – Posted the flyer, and attacked a fan who incorrectly accused of him of playing a plague rave in Italy.

Ben Sterling – Nothing.

Charlie Tee – Posted the flyer. Waffled on about respecting viewpoints and creepily started saying she wants to “take it to DM” when things start getting heated.

East End Dubs – Posted the flyer.

Eats Everything – Nothing.

Eli Brown – Nothing.

Fat Tony – Nothing.

Franky Wah – Nothing.

Funk Butcher – Posted the flyer. Complained about people who dared to object.

Hannah Wants – Posted the flyer. Also posted a statement that clearly wasn’t written by her.

Jamie Roy – Nothing.

Jess Bays – Posted the flyer. Also posted most of the statement that Hannah Wants posted.

Jnr Windross – Nothing.

Kizzy Alicia – Does not appear to be on Twitter.

Lloyd – Nothing.

Low Steppa – Posted the flyer. Appears to be ignoring comments on the matter.

Max Chapman – Nothing.

Molly Mouse – Does not appear to be on Twitter.

Norris Da Boss Windross – Does not appear to be on Twitter.

Pirate Copy – Nothing.

Remi Rose – Does not appear to be on Twitter.

Ronnie Spiteri – Posted the flyer.

Seb Zito – Nothing.

Sho – Does not appear to be on Twitter.

Sosa – Posted the flyer.

Steven Cee – Posted the flyer.

Suat – Does not appear to be on Twitter.

Summer Ghemati – Nothing.

The Shapeshfiters –  Posted the flyer.

Waff – Nothing.

Wheats – Nothing.

Veritas – Nothing.

You’d almost think that being associated with an illegal rave wasn’t actually a good idea, wouldn’t you?


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