Listen to Judge Jules speaking to the Save Our Scene UK temper tantrum yesterday – if you can hear any of it over the protesters, that is…

The Save Our Scene UK event on Sunday had many problems, and it wasn’t just the fact the invites given to plague rave DJs. The simple truth is the event had no sense of purpose. Was it a protest against lockdown restrictions? Was there a political aspect to the protest? Or was it just an excuse to have a big rave?

Such is the big contradiction that lies at the heart of Save Our Scene UK. There were vague references to removing lockdown restrictions, but most communications from the organisation were about the lineup of DJs. It was promoted less as a protest, more of a festival. Whether this was deliberate or more subliminal isn’t so clear.

Also, for an organisation that has UK in its name, they take little notice of anything that happens outside the M25. The July 19th date for removing restrictions applies only to England – and that’s if it isn’t delayed again. So, where are the dates for protests in Edinburgh, Cardiff and Belfast?

Anyway, onto Mr Jules. Whether this was arranged in advance or he simply turned up and made his presence known isn’t clear. What is clear is that this speech – well, what you can hear of it – is long on rambling and desperately short on content and vision.

The one nice thing I can say at this point? As bad as this speech was, the next generation of DJs are even worse communicators. No wonder DJs never express opinions on anything anymore…

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