One bit less of reading for you, Kerri! Whilst the USA releases a report admitting some things in the sky can’t be explained, UK says it won’t follow suit…

Kerri Chandler loves anything to do with space. Can’t get enough of it. I recently revealed that he was now a member of the Advisory Council for METI International. They’re an organisation who spend their time trying to communicate with aliens – despite warnings that this probably isn’t a good idea.

Early last week, the US government released a nine page report, unclassified for the first time, which basically confirmed things have happened in the sky over the years that the authorities cannot explain. Naturally, this has sent the conspiracy theorists wild, even by their current standards.

The British government has now been asked in Parliament whether they plan to release a similar report. The answer came back as a firm no – indeed, the minister who answered made a pointed dig by saying the Ministry of Defence “deals with actual threats substantiated by evidence”.

Ouch. That’s one less piece of extraterrestrial reading for Kerri to look forward to…

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