That brings the running total to around 52,000! Paul Van Dyk adds two new versions to “Café Del Mar” by Energy 52 – but who thought this needed yet another remix?

Dance music is a genre which has always been willing to cannibalise itself for a few quid, but the problem is endemic at the moment. So much so that Defected label boss Simon Dunmore was complaining about it on Twitter – before subsequently doing it himself anyway.

One of those records that’s cannibalised more than most is “Café Del Mar” by Energy 52. It first came out on Eye-Q Records in 1993. The first few remixes – such as by the likes of Nalin & Kane – were decent enough, but they kept coming. John 00 Fleming, deadmau5, Tale Of Us and even CamelPhat (under the name Whelan & Di Scala have all had a go, alongside numerous other official and less official reworks.

Paul Van Dyk has now added two new versions to the already extensive pile. I’d say it’s time this tune was left alone now, but honestly? If I had a record which was as popular as this, I’d probably commission new remixes every few years too…

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