And how’s mentoring Derrick May going for you? Artist mentor and plank lover Mike Weston resorts to following this blog on Twitter – intimidating, it is not…

You might recall a post from April 12th where I talked about one of the odious creatures that has been helping out Derrick May for a very long time – indeed, someone once asked the New Zealand Customs Service how many visits he’d made to May between 1997 and 2004, suggesting their relationship goes back a very long way.

He’s a man who previously provided May with an affidavit of support during a recent legal action against Michael James – in which he questioned the “psychological stability” of a journalist. He also claims the same journalist cannot speak about “accusations of drug use in sexual assault” because she once had her drink spiked.

It’s just such a terrible shame that Jacinda Ardern’s office never replied after I sent them an email asking what the proudly feminist leader thinks of the way Weston thinks is appropriate to write about women. But I digress…

Who is this classless bloke, you ask? Well, it’s none other than Mike Weston – who likes to pose with planks in pictures in his spare time – and I only mention him because last week, he started following me on Twitter. He described himself in the aforementioned affidavit as “a self-employed artist, producer, manager, media strategist and artist mentor”.

Whether I’m supposed to be intimidated by this plank who likes planks, I don’t know – and I don’t really care. I already know that Derrick May himself has seen at least some of what’s written about him. I know that some of the subjects of what I write about do end up reading it, and it’s not something that ever bothers me.

I have plenty that I could ask, but I’m happy to bide my time. In the interests of balance however, I decided to ask around to see whether he’s just a misunderstood man who’s actually lovely. And one of my sources in Detroit responded. What does Derrick May think of his friend? According to the source, “Not much. The last time Derrick spoke about Weston, he called him ‘my computer guy’. Then he went on to say he thought Weston was a c***”.

Oh dear…

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