Will there be cornflakes and toast available too? ADE moves its schedule to daytime hours in accordance with Dutch Covid rules – with some days starting as early as 6am!

Clubbers are traditionally late night people, it’s pretty safe to say. If the opposite was true, festivals wouldn’t be offering burgers, chips and pizzas to their customers. They’d be offering corn flakes, toast and Weetabix. And the bars would serve less in the way of Heineken, and more in the way of cappuccinos.

So ADE have been forced into a very amusing position by the Dutch government’s Covid rules. They can open, but they must be close at midnight. And seeing that ADE usually goes on well into the early hours of the morning, this has posed a headache for organisers. Do they reschedule almost everything or lose another year?

This blog isn’t suggesting that ADE are broke, but I do suspect the coffers aren’t as full as they used to be after a year off – so they decided to reschedule loads of things. Which is why, according to this schedule, some things now begin as early as 6am.

Even the thought of that gives me the urge to go to my coffee machine and make myself an extra strong espresso. I suspect I’m not alone…

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