“We were hoping you could cover the cost of flights yourself”: just one of the ridiculous messages sent to upcoming singer Jamie Mathias – and wait until you read what one person requested!

The music industry, at all levels, is filled with people who think they’re entitled to something for nothing. I have my own story on this, for example. Three years ago, I was offered an opportunity to do a remix for a major label. I turned it down after this label, whose profits were being reported in the news at the time, claimed to have “no budget” to pay me.

So I wasn’t remotely surprised to read a thread on Twitter by Brighton-based singer Jamie Mathias with some of the things people have requested from him. One, for instance, suggested Mathias was being “unrealistic” after pointing out that “neither my rent or bills can be paid in exposure”. Another charmingly offered to pimp out the bridesmaids – meaning his payment would be in the horizontal rather than the financial sense.

My personal favourite has to be the idiot who said Mathias should “write, record and perform a song for you for free AND cover the cost of my travel just so I can get a free video for it”. Check out the thread below for the full list…

The highlight of the thread, though, must be this. It’s an, ahem, very specific request and it wasn’t for his singing skills…

How much do you have to have wrong in the head to think it’s perfectly acceptable to offer to let him have horizontal refreshment with the wife?

That’s enough internet for me today…

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