They don’t like it up them, do they? Alan Oldham – friend of Derrick May – blocks this blog on Instagram in pathetic attempt to stop me scrutinising him…

People in the dance music world are typically not used to being scrutinised. The dance press has never been particularly good at it, even in their well-resourced print heyday in the 1990s. So when someone like me comes along, they have no idea how to respond.

Petulance is usually the standard response – just cast your mind back to the time Mutya Buena complained about an unflattering post. Or there’s the other option of pretending you haven’t heard me by blocking my account on social media. The fact it’s a response is something that usually goes amiss with these people – ask Terrence Parker.

The latest to take an issue with Amateur’s House is Alan Oldham. On October 8th, I wrote that this self-declared friend of Derrick May had been photographed with Rebekah Teasdale – the person in charge of the #ForTheMusic movement. Given the allegations surrounding May, I would have thought being seen anywhere near one of his friends was a PR disaster waiting to happen.

Teasdale obviously thought differently. And on October 11th, I wrote again about an exchange under a photo of Derrick May – which was extremely disturbing with the benefit of hindsight. And at some point this week, Oldham became aware of what I wrote about him.

Because he blocked this blog’s Instagram account. Presumably he didn’t like the fact I’ve been scouring through his old posts on there. So blocking me has put a stop to it, has it? Dream on, Alan. Your latest move told me more than you’ll ever know…

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