Why Amateur’s House won’t out people in the dance music world who haven’t had the Covid jab – with one possible exception to the rule…

Every now and then, my lovely readers get in touch with ideas for stories, features and columns for the blog. And to be fair, many do make it onto these pages – for instance, the Here’s One They Made Earlier column which appears on Mondays was an idea suggested in an email.

Occasionally though, some of the proposals on the table aren’t right for whatever reason. Such as this one – a column which revealed people in the dance music world who aren’t vaccinated against Covid-19. And I’m not talking here about those who are openly declaring they won’t get the jab, such as Danny Rampling.

I’m speaking about those who aren’t saying anything on the subject. These people don’t just include DJs. They also include promoters, club managers and the journalists in the dance music press who write about them whenever they’ve got a new release or event to plug. If you’ve ever wondered why the dance press won’t give anti-vaxxers a hard time, it’s because quite a few of them work in it.

Ultimately, I couldn’t see a justification for outing people in this way – apart from reminding me of North Korean TV show Let’s Trim Our Hair In Accordance With The Socialist Lifestyle, I suspect I’d be leaving myself at the mercy of a ravenous solicitor with a privacy case on their hands. Some people legitimately cannot have the vaccine, after all.

But there is one specific circumstance where I would seriously consider publishing medical information relating to a person. And that’s if their public stance was at odds with their private one. For example, let’s say a person was taking an anti-vax viewpoint in public, yet had been double jabbed against Covid-19 in private.

If a person was taking such a dishonest stance in their life, public interest would come into play…

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