As DJ Sneak celebrates his 52nd birthday today, just how WILL he spend his big day? Clue – it isn’t by going for dinner with his wife…

On this Friday morning, it would be churlish not to acknowledge the man in house music who has probably started far more arguments than anyone else. Yes, DJ Sneak – real name Carlos Sosa – is 52 years old today. Everyone at Amateur’s House wishes him a happy birthday on this day – and by everyone, I mean just the one guy who currently works here.

Anyway, Sneak likes to celebrate his birthday most years by having a party dedicated to it. For example, he spent the celebrations for his 49th birthday at Pacha Ibiza. Or going back further in time, his 44th birthday back in 2013 was spent doing a DJ set alongside long time friend Mark Farina in Toronto.

Infact, the only time I can find in recent years where he hasn’t been doing anything to celebrate his birthday was in 2020, due to a certain thing called the Covid-19 pandemic. And this year, his birthday party will be tomorrow at Underground Business – although fans who like seeing his Friday live stream won’t be disappointed, as he’s doing that too.

How long does he intend to continue this practice of DJing on his birthday? A source recently told me “If Carlos has his way, he’ll still be doing the funky chicken when he’s 85”…

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