Is there ANYONE left in dance music with any principles, part three: shameless David Guetta is playing MDL Beast Soundstorm – and not only has he been to Saudi Arabia before, but made a remix of a song praising their king!

On this Tuesday morning, the response from almost the entire fleet of DJs going to the MDL Beast Soundstorm festival next month is silence. They either think they can ride the storm out by saying nothing, or they genuinely think they’re in the right. In which case, speak out and say so!

Some of them, however, are even less likely to speak out than others. One of those is French DJ David Guetta. He’s been in Saudi Arabia at least once before – in 2018. And unlike some of them, he can’t even use “I need the money” as some kind of justification. Signing a $100million deal with Warner Music a few months ago ensured his finances were alright.

Now, Guetta takes a lot of pride in the amount of edits and remixes he prepares for specific gigs. And when he did a show for Formula E three years ago in the same city, he certainly tailored his set towards his audience. In this case, towards Salman bin Abdulaziz Al Saud – the king of Saudi Arabia.

In his honour, he played a number of his personal remixes of patriotic songs praising the king. So it’s safe to say Guetta is unlikely to be the one to respond to the dismal call of Jeff Mills to encourage others to rise up in desire for social change.

We really are stuck with the most morally and intellectually bankrupt generation of DJs at the top of this scene, aren’t we?

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