We know dance music is a sausagefest, but this is ridiculous! Unspoken rule suggests to get ahead in house music, you have to eat meat… and LOTS of it!

I like to try and learn something new every single day. Those lessons vary from brilliant insights which I can rely on until the day I die to utterly useless information which stays in my head despite having no use for it whatsoever. And yesterday’s lesson is admittedly somewhere in the middle.

Whilst a number of DJs based Stateside were tucking into their Thanksgiving dinners yesterday, I noticed something of a trend. An awful lot of the big names in the house music world love their meat! And I can’t help but wonder why.

Take Simon Dunmore, for example. The boss at Defected appears to have a gargantuan appetite for things which used to say “moo”. Or DJ Sneak, and his notorious BBQs – he’s pictured above examining his chopper. Or perhaps David Morales, who was photographed yesterday in Chicago tucking into a big steak – and posted a video where he spent a lot of time looking at his meat.

Elsewhere, Roger Sanchez spent his Thanksgiving with family and friends, with long-time girlfriend Kristen Knight having cooked a feast. Yes, yesterday might have been a special day, but posts and stories of DJs about to eat steaks and chickens are something I see a lot more of than I ever expected.

It seems that to get ahead in house music, you’ve got to love your meat. The ultimate irony in a scene so frequently accused of being a sausagefest…

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