Here’s One They Made Earlier: the best remix of “Big Love” by Pete Heller’s Big Love… and bizarrely, it never received an official release!

Back around 2011, I was completely in love with the music of Richard Dinsdale. He appeared to have abandoned the increasingly stale electro house sound of the time and gone instead to make these unashamedly cheerful records instead – the antithesis of much of what else was on offer.

During the summer of that year, he put out a one hour long set filled with nothing but his tracks and remixes. And one of the remixes on there was for “Big Love” by Pete Heller’s Big Love. The original was a huge hit in 1999 and had never really been bettered.

So this remix was a curious one. By today’s standards, it loops for a little too long in the first half of the song. But I’m a fan of the way Dinsdale structured this take. Take a look…

Much to my surprise, this was given away for free as a limited edition download shortly after his set was uploaded. Somehow, it never received an official release of its own…

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