The jobs spree continues at Resident Advisor with a vacancy for a City Manager in San Francisco – but with only five hours a week available, just WHO are they looking for?

If Yosser Hughes from 1980s British TV show Boys From The Blackstuff were still around today, he could do a lot worse than speak to Resident Advisor’s editor-in-chief Whitney Wei and say his unintended catchphrase of “gizza job”. Because the company seems to be in the middle of a hiring spree which shows no signs of slowing down.

This all started last month. Resident Advisor had a torrid time during the first few months of the pandemic, losing some 90% of its income, getting rid of numerous staff and reducing the hours of those who remained. Indeed, I’m told the company could have faced possible bankruptcy without a £750k bailout from Arts Council England in October 2020.

They’re now looking to expand their American coverage even further than they already have in recent months – by appointing a City Manager in sunny San Francisco. A candidate is required who knows their patch well and who can promote it even better. But once again, one thing leaves me scratching my head.

You see, the position is for five hours a week – and this has to be spread out across the week. I’m curious to know how much content you could really create in that time – this blog alone takes up more than five hours of my week. Obviously, it’s not a full time job – so are Resident Advisor just looking for a lead on the streets here, just like in Barcelona?

Short of the successful candidate speaking to me about it, I’m not sure how else to find the answer to this question…

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