As questions gather over why Mixmag ran an “exclusive” story over Francis Bourgeois last week, where’s their thirst for a good story been during the past two years?

Ever since I decided to make a proper go of Amateur’s House back in April this year, I must admit to the journalist within me sometimes coming to the fore. I never fully switch off – I’ve always got an eye out for a good story and noticing that I’ve covered something ahead of the dance music press is always a nice feeling.

By rights, the dance music press should be the same. If they did their jobs properly, it wouldn’t have been up to Twitter accounts like Business Teshno to expose big name DJs like Solomun, Charlotte De Witte and so forth doing plague raves. Those videos would have been plastered all over the likes of Mixmag and DJ Mag as exclusives, alongside demands that they explain themselves.

The press would have been in active competition with each other, rather than the bizarre situation at present where no one acknowledges anyone else. All this would make for a healthy press and a healthier scene – DJs who knew they’d be held to account would be more likely to behave themselves.

However, none of this has happened. 5 Magazine from Chicago were one of very few outlets who ever bothered to write about plague raves. And on the rare occasions DJs got pulled up on their activities, they replied with either silence or blocking – both were unworthy responses.

Yet telling the world that the real name of Francis Bourgeois is Luke Nicolson and that he used to be an electronic music producer is somehow deemed to be newsworthy – not to mention promoting it on social media as being an exclusive. Doesn’t this tell us all we need to know about the dance music press simply not being up to the job anymore?

Two years ago, I started reporting on the nefarious activities of Sterling Void. They refused to cover them. And they’re still using the same old textbook which is failing them and their readers. What a shambles…

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