Plague rave favourite Sven Väth is appearing at Hyte in New York tomorrow – but at a time scientists suspect Omicron is a vaccine dodger, is the one jab requirement REALLY the most sensible choice?

We’re currently in the middle of that weird period between Christmas Day and New Year’s Day. It only lasts a week, but during this time, nothing seems to be quite as it should be – especially if you’re off from work, unlike your favourite blogger.

It’s also normally a really busy time for DJs, with something typically on almost every night. And although the latest Covid variant is currently causing problems and widespread cancellations, there are still some shows taking place. Such as Sven Väth’s appearance at Hyte in New York tomorrow, for those of you Stateside.

Naturally, don’t expect anyone in the dance music press to ask questions about this. Certainly not Resident Advisor, who are selling tickets for the event. Thankfully, some of us are more independently minded – and I notice the requirement that “as this event is being held indoors, all attendees must present proof of at least one dose of a World Health Organization approved COVID-19 vaccine”.

Which is, frankly, a questionable stance. Although there are a lot of uncertainties surrounding Omicron, one of the things scientists are more in agreement on is that it does have an ability to sometimes dodge vaccines – but that boosters typically reduce the chance of the new variant causing infection. And whilst I have issues with New York City’s refusal to accept negative tests, this simply isn’t any better.

One person who’s unlikely to care too much, however, is Sven Väth himself. He did a number of plague raves during previous waves of the pandemic. This is something he’s never publicly acknowledged – and when someone from Mixmag had the guts to ask why Yousef had rewarded a plague rave DJ with a historic gig, he simply stated some irrelevant waffle about Väth being a “UK resident”.

Anyone going – especially as New York goes through yet another wave of the virus – might want to keep an eye on their health for the first week or two in January…

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