At least some things never change, eh? Nervous end the year by sticking to tradition – that is, the one where they stick a lady up on Instagram to amuse people who still think it’s 1991…

Nervous Records were very pleased to reach their 30th anniversary this year. And to give them their dues, there are very few dance music labels from 1991 which are still around today – so I certainly don’t blame label boss Mike Weiss and the rest for wanting to celebrate the occasion.

But one thing that’s in little doubt is the sales strategy at the label. Put simply, if Instagram had existed back in 1991, the label page would look exactly the same as it does now. Half of it is filled with dubious pictures of half-naked models who, in many cases, aren’t even wearing the merchandise they’re supposed to be promoting.

And with this being that surreal time between Christmas Day and New Year’s Day, it’s terribly good of Nervous to stick with tradition. We know what’s what with Nervous, even if it what it is is rubbish…

If the plan is to sell more Nervous baseball caps with this picture, I suspect something else in the photo might somewhat get in the way of the message. But as we reach the end of the year, the photo has an important message for us all.

Namely, let’s not have any more lockdowns in 2022, please. Because the last time New York had one, the use of these photos went into complete overdrive…

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