So who was the plague rave DJ who wanted a taxi home? Ravers rented out a 12th century Co Meath castle to hold an illegal party – and just look at the sorry state they’ve left the place in…

Two years ago, I remember speaking to a friend who used to organise illegal raves in the 1980s. He told me there were a number of unspoken rules they used to follow – work with the landowners and not against them, show respect for the property you are on and leave no trace behind when you leave.

Absolutely none of this was on show last weekend. On December 26th – normally referred to in Ireland as St Stephen’s Day – it appears that ravers hired the 12th century Skryne Castle in Co Meath, roughly 45 minutes from Dublin. It’s normally listed on AirBnB as available for rent – the listing on the website seems to have been removed in recent days.

Whoever rented it subsequently used it to hold an illegal rave with hundreds of other people. And there are a few aspects here which bother me. Firstly, look at the absolute state of the castle after it was finally cleared…

Meath Live have a pretty comprehensive writeup about the whole event. They detail that drugs were being openly sold on the premises, and a large bar was present selling a wide variety of drinks – strongly suggesting this event was premeditated.

An unnamed DJ is also mentioned in the article – with castle owner Derek Iceton implying he had some choice words for the anonymous man after he had the barefaced cheek to ask him to book a taxi. Sadly, my enquiries as to the plague rave DJ’s identity have not yet borne me an answer – although club cancellations due to Omicron’s spread are believed to be behind the booking.

I just feel sorry for the poor sods who now have to clean the filth these people left behind in the castle. As for my sympathy for those who attended an illegal rave and found it cut short? Totally absent, I’m afraid…

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