One rule for us, another rule for them! As BBC radio DJ Maressa Innerarity is fined £1,000 for lending her speakers to a plague rave, when will Boris Johnson be receiving his demand for payment?

It must be quite expensive being Boris Johnson. For starters, there’s the taste for the finer things in life he’s had since pretty much the day he was born. For example, he once described his £250,000 salary for writing a column for the Daily Telegraph each Monday as “chicken feed”.

There’s also the British Prime Minister’s rather well-known dalliances with women who aren’t his wife at that particular moment. In addition to the four children he had with Marina Wheeler and the two with current wife Carrie, he also has at least one child conceived outside of his marriage to Wheeler. A court case implied years ago there could be more.

It’s no wonder that stories circulated last year saying he didn’t think he earned enough – the British Prime Minister gets paid £161,041 per year. So with Downing Street now being investigated over parties that seem to break lockdown rules all over the place, I do suspect he won’t have been pleased with this story.

A DJ at BBC radio has just been fined £1,000 after lending her speakers to an east London plague rave held in November 2020. She was at the event in order to keep an eye on her equipment – and the judge seems to accept she wasn’t aware of the exact scale of what was going on that day.

Her speakers have now been confiscated and will presumably end up being sold at a police auction in the near future. She’s also locked down her Instagram page – there’s a joke to be made in there somewhere…

Anyway, Innerarity – who uses the stage name Carmen London – was at one party and lent them her speakers. Whereas at least 15 different parties took place in No 10 Downing Street. That’s at least a five figure fine right there – no wonder the hairbrush shy one is adamant he’s done nothing wrong…

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