The Six On Saturday (That Aren’t From Me!) – 29th January 2022

On the week that a guy got one over some middle management type with no authority, I go through the records that’ll have no one doubting you’re the one in charge…

Back To The Rhythm Feat. Ed Ramsey – In You (Patina Skye Music)
Ed Ramsey has got to be one of the rising stars of house music at present. I like pretty much every mix of this. The Guido P has this prominent bassline in the background which creates a real atmosphere to this version. The Rick Lenoir mixes are all good – but special mention goes to his Revisit mix, where a gorgeous Korg M1 style organ does a fair bit of heavy lifting, giving this a church kind of atmosphere.

Hannah Khemoh – Queen / Lost In The Heat (Good Vibrations)
It’s no exaggeration to say I think Hannah Khemoh is one of the best singers in British house music these days. I enjoy just about everything with her name on it. Two of her records are reworked here, with “Queen” being my favourite of the two. I find it hard to choose between the vocal and the dub – so buy both!

And one classic for the week…
Paul Johnson – She Got Me On (TDR LTD)
The world lost one of Chicago’s biggest house music DJs last year when Paul Leighton Johnson died of Covid-19. A lot of his old records aren’t available online, so this is a useful opportunity to get hold of one of Johnson’s cheekiest releases. Originally released in 2004 and later licensed by Ministry of Sound in the UK, this is one of my personal favourites from his extensive collection.

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