Reasons to cancel your Spotify subscription? This blog can cite just a few – and a stupid controversy over $100million shock jock Joe Rogan is not one of them…

This blog makes no pretence of objectivity. I have opinions and I use this blog to express them. I don’t run a news wire service – anyone who comes onto the blog and encounters a story they weren’t aware of will know my opinion will be inside it somewhere.

And one company I absolutely do not claim to be objective on is Spotify. Quite simply, I loathe the company. I think they’ve had many opportunities over the years to reform their ways, but they’ve chosen not to. Infact, I can quite honestly say I would cheer if I ever got a breaking news notification which told me Spotify had gone bankrupt.

This company is nothing more than a giant parasite which sucks innovation out of music and is only able to exist because a number of major labels need it to. Yes, the other streaming companies aren’t much better, but Spotify is quite possibly the worst of them all.

So the rest of this article should be read in the full knowledge of what I think of Spotify. Over the past week, the company has been mired in controversy over their podcaster Joe Rogan, for whom they pay $100million for the exclusive rights. On Friday, Spotify had so many people trying to cancel their subscriptions in anger at the controversy that the website was temporarily refusing to allow them to leave.

As of this Sunday lunchtime, things have calmed down somewhat – but of all the reasons to cancel your Spotify subscription, the content of a certain podcast from a shock jock type is pretty low down the list. The truth is if you don’t like what Rogan says, don’t listen. Go and do something else which makes you happy – like reading this blog.

The truth is there are far more convincing reasons for ditching your Spotify subscription. The appallingly low royalties they pay out to artists is one. The fact they’re currently in court trying to get payments to songwriters effectively lowered is another one. The fact the company is about to spend $380million over five years on a football club whilst musicians can’t afford to eat is yet another.

We could also add on the shameless bias Spotify shows the major labels as another reason – they pay certain extra costs to include music from certain artists at the majors, something they almost never do for someone who’s independent. Daniel Ek personally choosing to invest $100million of his own money into a defence tech company is also another.

I could go on, but I won’t. Mostly because it’s lunchtime. Not even a multi-billionaire who hates the people who made him what he is today will keep me away from my chicken dinner…

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