Wednesday Whisper: 1st June 2022

Which white male DJ was recently complaining about matters of a racial nature after a gig? The male in question has been involved in the scene for some 25 years now and still has a flourishing career – many of his contemporaries from the same era have long been forgotten.

Recently, the DJ attended a gig – as they tend to do if they want to get paid. Afterwards, he was backstage talking to a number of other DJs who had appeared earlier in the day for the festival. Our witness reports that he was mostly quiet for much of the discussion, but got a “real fire in his belly” when the subject came to racial matters.

He bizarrely claimed that “it’s never been harder to be a white man” in dance music, to a reaction of mostly bemusement from those listening. Sensing the mood of the room wasn’t entirely on his side, he explained that “it’s harder getting gigs these days, because a lot of events organisers are falling for the woke agenda. I get gigs because I’m good at my job, and you see these people coming in who are being booked because their face is the right colour for social media”.

This comment appeared to contradict a view expressed earlier in the evening by the man himself that “2022 is already my busiest year ever”, something which a female DJ pointed out to him. To which he responded by saying “I’m not really talking about me – the likes of me are immune to this woke agenda. We keep bringing in money, so organisers will keep booking us. I’m talking about talented white guys who aren’t going to get a chance because of box tickers who have the right colour face”.

The room was about as horrified by his comments as you probably are right now…

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