No promos, please – well, not unless we ask…

So we’re now nearing the end of our third week back as Ears To The House. All in all, we think we’re only just getting back into the real swing of things now – there have been a few teething troubles behind the scenes, but normal service is starting to resume once more.

Many thanks to those of you who are reading, sharing and commenting on what we write – it means a lot to us. But we do have one or to questions about a certain other group who have been in overdrive since our return – and this lot aren’t quite as welcome as our wonderful readers.

Ears To The House has been deluged over the past few weeks by promo emails. And whilst our former and current email addresses are not exactly a state secret, we do wonder who exactly at these big PR companies is taking it upon themselves to sign us up to receive promotional material we don’t want and aren’t usually the least bit interested in.

No, we don’t care for the fact your client has previously been featured in Mixmag. No, we’re unimpressed by your client having millions of streams on Spotify. And we care even less about the remixes they’ve done for “legendary artists” we’ve never heard of, to quote from one email which came in this week.

But surely the most creepy award this week has to go to the promo agency who called our editor personally on Wednesday. The gentleman in question seemed, shall we say, reluctant to explain exactly how he’d acquired the editor’s mobile number. He seemed to be more interested in trying to get some publicity on Ears To The House for his client – but with no explanation forthcoming, let’s just say that won’t be happening.

In short, if you are from a PR company and you do want to work with Ears To The House, at least ask for our permission before you start sending mailouts into our inbox. It’s only polite, you know…

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