Wednesday Whisper: 15th June 2022

In response to popular feedback, this column has been moved to an earlier slot in the day. This column will now appear at 12noon UK time – meaning much of the USA will now see it for breakfast, Europe just after lunch and Australia in the evening. Enjoy!

Which female DJ is alleged to have gone on an almighty rant at her management team recently after finding out she was on a certain fetish website? The story goes that her PR person was doing a routine search online to see what people had been writing about her – and since you’ll probably read this too, hello! – when she came across something called Wikifeet.

Being unfamiliar with this website, the PR person proceeded to click the link to take a glance – and they suddenly discovered a lot more about Wikifeet than they ever wanted to know. Now, for the benefit of those who don’t yet realise, Wikifeet is a specialist website where members of the public can upload pictures of female celebrities feet to the site and discuss aesthetical aspects of aforementioned feet.

The female DJ proceeded to go on a bizarre rant claiming that such a site was “misogynistic” and “only f***ing creeps and weirdos” would use the facilities of such a place. But was this really the heart of the problem here?

Because according to a source from within the DJ’s inner circle, she got particularly irate by the fact Wikifeet users had only rated her trotters an average of three out of five stars – defined as “okay feet” on the site – and that a rival female DJ had a higher rating of 4.5 out of 5…

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