Wednesday Whisper: 6th July 2022

Which British DJ recently faced awkward questions from his missus about a rather large transfer of funds from the couple’s joint account? A source tells us the DJ was recently talking to his friends about it, explaining that his long-term partner was giving him a headache over his decision to send a five-figure sum over to the United States.

He defended sending the money, saying that this was simply some money he owed a business partner Stateside – an explanation which apparently she didn’t find entirely persuasive. His friends, however, appeared to be more understanding and believed it was better not to let debts linger.

There was just one problem with the story the DJ gave. That problem being that none of it is true. In reality, he was on a business trip to the USA a few months ago and met up with an old flame – an old flame with rather expensive tastes. One thing led to another – which led to the DJ later finding out she was pregnant with his child.

The money was, in fact, to pay for an abortion. Due to the, ahem, demanding personality of his lady friend, she insisted on getting the procedure done at the most expensive clinic she could find – which consisted of a long drive in a luxurious limousine with no less than two chauffeurs, and a two night stay at a $3000 per night hotel.

All of which he had to pay for, naturally. And his reason for taking it out of the joint account instead of the business account? Because he apparently preferred to face the wrath of his partner over his accountant – and according to our source, this isn’t the first time this DJ has been in this situation…

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