Here’s One They Made Earlier: 25th July 2022

For this week’s installment of Here’s One They Made Earlier, we travel back to the heady days of 1998. UK garage was starting to showcase its own identity to the world – remember these were the days whilst the music generally remained soulful and more closely connected to its American cousins. Remixes of songs from other genres were also still common in this period.

Which brings us to Myron D. Davis – an American R&B singer and songwriter who hailed from Cleveland. In 1997, he released a song on Island Records called “We Can Get Down”. But it was the limited edition issue of the Groove Chronicles remix the following year that really grabbed our attention.

The drum programming was different to much else around at the time. The vocals were used in the way you’d see on a dub at the time – and if you listen with decent speakers or headphones, the deep bass chord may well surprise you when you first hear it…

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