Louie Vega met Joe Claussell – and looks miserable for it!

Why do many DJs never look like they’re enjoying themselves? Ears To The House ponders over this question occasionally, and can never come to a definitive answer. They get to travel the world playing their favourite music to people, getting paid amounts of money which are often totally disproportionate with the amount of skill their job requires.

Now, this doesn’t apply to all DJs – and, of course, the market partly dictates just how much money they earn from their work. But for people who get paid five figure sums for each set, stay in five star hotels and eat and drink the finest cuisine many countries have to offer, far too many in their ranks go out of their way to look utterly gloomy in photos.

We’re not quite sure where this trend started, but we do wish it would stop. Take, for example, this moment when Louie Vega met Joe Claussell. Both men regard each other highly, and both men are very talented in their own right – so you think they’d be pleased to see each other, yes?

If they do like each other’s company, they appear to be doing their utmost to conceal it. The consensus over this picture at Ears To The House HQ is Claussell looks like he had a colonoscopy five minutes earlier, whilst Vega looks like he’s just found the family dog has died and is trying not to lose his composure.

Perhaps they were just saving their energies for the set. Judging by footage of their set, maybe this was the case…

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