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Thanks to those of you who have been reading, sharing, commenting and contacting us about Ears To The House on this very busy week. We’ve got an update for you about a decision we’ve reached on one of our columns, as well as news on some things coming up very soon.

Firstly, regular readers might have noticed that when Ears To The House relaunched in May, the Six On Saturday reviews column didn’t immediately return with it. Having thought about this a great deal, we’ve decided to put this column into cold storage for the time being. Quite simply, we all have our own lives – it was precisely the point of relaunching the site, as our editor was previously working on content literally every day.

Aside from none of us having the time to work on this column, there are also increasing questions within our team about whether we could face a conflict if a situation was to arise where we had to review an artist who we’d been critical about previously. Whilst we’re not ruling out bringing the column back, it would need to be written by someone who just did that column and nothing else – and even then, questions would inevitably arise about how impartial those reviews were.

Elsewhere, starting on Sunday, we’ve got a little mini-series for you. Because we’re the types who don’t forget, we’re running a series called Pandemic Moments They’d Rather Forget – reminding you, our wonderful readers, of moments which happened during the pandemic that some would happily leave consigned to history.

Next, we know Beyoncé Knowles released her new album “Renaissance” today. From our point of view at Ears To The House, the timing couldn’t be much worse – most of us are on holiday this week. So there’ll be no review from us of the album today – but the team will be listening to it over the weekend and we’re hoping to publish our review on Monday.

Also coming soon – we haven’t exactly worked out the starting date yet – we’ve got a brand new column where we’re going to showcase the worst bit of DJing we’ve seen that week. Doing what we do, we come across a lot of clips of DJs playing, and many of them are horrendously bad. Whether it be DJs playing utterly boring records or crowds simply not responding to the set, this column will be dedicating to showing the worst of the worst.

The Saturday Recap will feature as normal tomorrow – and seeing almost everyone is back from their holidays this weekend, normal service resumes on Sunday…

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