A message from The Editor – why Ears To The House is taking the gloves off once and for all…

Since Ears To The House made its return to the airwaves a few weeks ago, I’ve been thinking carefully about our output. Whilst we were away over the Christmas and New Year period, I reflected carefully with my small but loyal team on what we could do to make the site better.

We agreed to make Monday’s Here’s One They Made Earlier bigger, for starters. We agreed that Wednesday Whisper wasn’t moving anywhere. I personally insisted that The Insider – a charming man, I might add – was given much more airtime. And I also moved the DJs Playing Badly column to Sunday to make way for a new column on Friday which hasn’t launched yet.

Yet over the past week or so, I’ve had a realisation. Ears To The House isn’t being anywhere near as blunt with the dance music world as it should be. You see, we don’t depend on access to the big names in the scene to survive. Nor do we need big festivals with dodgy owners to provide us with an ingress. The truth is there’s a lot of nonsense going on which still isn’t being called out.

In recent days alone, we have David Guetta saying AI is the future of music. Easy for a man who got a $100million payout two years ago and who appears at Saudi Arabian festivals paid for by a very dodgy government to say, isn’t it? Or there’s yet more shenanigans by Derrick May trying to make himself look respectable whilst hobnobbing with Idriss D. Still looking a bit cold there, Derrick…

So you know what? I’ve made an executive decision. Enough is enough. It’s time the gloves came off once and for all. It’s time to start calling out things for exactly what they are. A lot of people aren’t going to like it – but rest assured that far more people are. Expect to see the latest incarnation of this site appearing in around a week from now.

The fun is only just beginning…

The Editor

Editor-in-chief at Ears To The House. Likes honesty, integrity and good coffee. Dislikes shysters, charlatans and bad coffee.

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