DJs Playing Badly – 19th August 2022

Last week, we started a brand new column for Fridays here at Ears To The House. It’s called DJs Playing Badly and is dedicated to showcasing the worst of the worst in DJ performances. Whether it’s because the audience is simply not responding, some kind of technical (or not so technical) fail or simply because the DJ is just not stepping up in some way, this column is here to celebrate or shame it – depending how you look at it.

Last week’s first installment had truly woeful footage of a DJ called Lea Kadoche not turning a knob on her mixer and the crowd going crazy for it – despite the fact nothing had actually happened. This week, it’s time to turn to someone whose mixing skills are less in doubt, but whose ability to choose tracks which are interesting and engaging is less so.

Yes, it’s none other than Solomun – the human equivalent of Diazepam, as one barbed putdown on Facebook put it. Here he is dancing well and truly like your dad. Having checked the dancing of our editor-in-chief, who is a father himself, we can verify this description is accurate.

Enjoy – or cringe. Whatever you like…

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