Wednesday Whisper: 23rd November 2022

Now that the DJ season is entering a quieter time of the year, DJs are suddenly finding themselves with a little more free time than usual – and they’re finding increasingly curious ways of preoccupying their days, if some of the rumours being sent in at the moment are anything to go by.

Take this example. One DJ is a member of a WhatsApp group filled with many DJs with incredibly high opinions of themselves – and mostly not so much of anyone else – and he’s been spending much of the past two weeks treating the group like his own opinion panel. The subject in question?

The food which he gorges on. If you’re anything like us at the Ears To The House office, you’ll be fans of the Facebook page Rate My Plate. For those unfamiliar, it’s a place where people can submit photos of the meals they’ve cooked – or sometimes haven’t – and people reply with usually caustic comments.

This DJ has been using the WhatsApp group for the same purpose. Reaction within the group largely consists of horrified at most of the rubbish he eats – but privately, the members are getting annoyed. One who contacted Ears To The House says “it’s starting to take over the group. It was fun at first but quickly got boring. That said, the rest of us have f**k all else happening, so it could be worse”.

Consensus on the curry he ate yesterday is that it looks like someone dropped a tin of light brown paint on the rice. And this is one of the politer opinions expressed…

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