DJs Playing Badly: 29th January 2023

It may be a brand new year, but some things don’t change. Such as some of the nonsense we get sent into the inbox each week from clubland. This column might have moved from Friday to Sunday, but its purpose – to highlight indifferent crowds, DJs clanging their mix transitions and the rest – remains unchanged.

So this week, it’s back to Solomun. Once dubbed “the human equivalent of Diazepam” – that’s a drug used to treat insomnia, before you ask – he’s as known for his utterly appalling dancing as he is for dubious claims he drinks an average of 30 shots of tequila during a set. But today, we’re just going to concentrate on his dancing.

To his credit, however, at least Solomun is trying. Which is much more than the crowd appear to be doing. They don’t even have the normal excuse that the song being played is rubbish. It’s the ubiquitous Full Intention remix of Duke’s “So In Love With You”, for goodness sake…

DJs Playing Badly returns in its new slot next Sunday.

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