Here’s Three They Made Earlier: 13th March 2023

To begin this week’s installment of Here’s Three They Made Earlier, we thought we’d go back to 2022. Yes, the year just gone by, remembered mostly for the start of a recession we’re still dealing with now. Robert Owens has contributed immeasurably to house music over the years and shows absolutely no sign of stopping – releasing this song with Australian duo Momento a few months ago…

Next up, something a little lighter from the same year. This one appeared on Nervous Records – one of our favourite labels, especially now they’ve dropped the terrible sexist advertising of the past. Sheffield based Nick Moss – aka Groove Assassin – provides a disco influenced take on this Stoim release…

And finally, a track which is nearly 25 years old now. Originally released as a rap record, “Take It Easy” by Juliette Jaimes was reworked by the Rhythm Masters in 1998. The duo, consisting of Steve McGuinness and Robert Chetcuti, were pretty much on the speed dial of many a label looking for a remix in that period – and their cut-up style is very evident here…

More tunes next Monday.

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