Wednesday Whisper: Rumours, just rumours, every Wednesday | October 11, 2023

Which DJ had some heads scratched over some unusual suggestions for his web people? At the moment, he’s paying a small team to revamp his online offering – having apparently been persuaded by an expensive PR person that the current fare isn’t up to scratch.

The relaunch is due to take place early next year – and one thing being rewritten is his personal artist profile. The new version will not only appear on the newly redecorated website but also on the likes of Resident Advisor – dance music’s answer to a question no one asked.

With that in mind, it’s important that the profile gives the right impression – enough information to get people interested, but also enough to get them to want to know him better. A bit like a dating profile, really.

Anyway, the DJ attended a Zoom meeting with this tech team recently to discuss pertinent matters such as this. Team members were the first to make their suggestions – and then it was time for him to throw his ideas into the mix. And that, he certainly did.

For instance, he was reportedly keen to see a line in it saying something along the lines of “listening to [this DJ] play is like having passionate, sweaty sex”. And the team was even more baffled when he mentioned that he wanted to see a line saying “people actually have orgasms on the dancefloor when they see him play”.

He said he was happy to see the team write that “in more sophisticated ways than I can come up with”, but was otherwise most insistent. The website (and social media) relaunch is curiously awaited…

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