Wednesday Whisper: rumours, just rumours| November 8, 2023

Which DJ and producer in the house music world is currently rumoured to be keeping a healthy distance from his drug dealer? There are understood to be two reasons why this is the case – the first is a purely financial one.

The DJ owes a debt, reportedly in five figures at this stage, to his dealer for a number of different illicit substances which he’s purchased for himself – and his friends too, bless him – over the past few months. Exactly why he hasn’t paid up yet remains a mystery, as he earns five figures for pretty much every single show he does.

But there is another reason why – more for his own physical safety. The DJ is rumoured to have tried something on with the dealer’s very loyal girlfriend, and he fears that his dealer knows what happened. He’s heard stories about what happens to people who upset the dealer, top – which aren’t helping.

Might be best to pay your debts and just give up the drugs…

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