“A lot of Detroit OGs are suspect!”: Ash Lauryn sees the light and admits she’s “given up idolising” her peers after Omar S assault claim – but wasn’t she happy to ride on their coat tails for years?

Even by the normally malleable standards of the dance music world, this week is proving to be one of the weirdest in a while – and it’s only Wednesday. Because whilst Detroit’s latest bout of blood-letting is going on – thanks very much to Derrick May and Alexander Omar Smith – it has also focused some minds.

So much so, in fact, that Ears To The House has found itself in total agreement with something that mysteriously rising star Ash Lauryn has had to say – and it’s hard to know which of us is least comfortable about it. Late on Monday, she posted the following video on Instagram story, which a very kind collaborator downloaded and sent our way…

This is one of the most interesting statements that Lauryn has made in quite a while – and when she says talks about “motherf*****s really thinking that they can do what they want and not [being] held accountable”, her sentiment is one echoed in many meetings and discussions here at Ears To The House HQ.

In many ways, what she says is astonishingly accurate. And in a way, we welcome this apparent Damascean conversion – perhaps it’s Lauryn’s impending motherhood that has brought about this change of heart. But there is now one rather awkward question that could do with an answer.

Namely, why on earth did Lauryn spend years getting close to these people that she now condemns? It’s worth pointing out that one of the ways she got a foothold in Detroit’s dance music scene was by being Derrick May’s bag carrier – literally. It was through May that she met a number of the OGs she referred to in her video.

She seemed happy enough to stand by her idols for many years – yet now that she has utilised those connections and no longer requires them, Lauryn is desperately trying to disassociate themselves from the same people who helped her whilst her career was in its formative stages.

We shall leave the last word on this to one of our regular Detroit sources – who simply said “Ash Lauryn was happy to crawl up the ass of anyone who could give her career a boost for many years. She was even happy to do that documentary series for British radio about Detroit techno. This is too little, too late. No one is going to fall for this s***.”.

Harsh but fair…

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