An early Christmas present for Omar S as he gets early discharge from probation order over drag racing – but he DID get stung for over $1400 in the process…

Detroit’s very own Alexander Omar Smith – usually styled simply as Omar S – hasn’t had exactly a great time of things of late. Barely weeks ago, Smith was involved in a scuffle with singer Supercoolwicked – real name Morgan Hutson. Hutson claims Smith conducted a violent assault on her amidst a dispute over unpaid royalties, Smith insists that Hutson attacked him and that no monies is due.

Police in the city are currently carrying out a probe into the allegations, after Hutson filed a complaint – and until such matters have concluded, there’s not much else to say about it. However, Ears To The House understands that this isn’t the only incident that’s brought Smith to the attention of the authorities this year.

We can reveal that Smith was charged with a number of crimes earlier in the year. According to publicly available documents, three charges were filed against Smith on July 4th this year, with a fourth charge made against him on September 11th.

The three initial charges were attempting to flee from a police officer, some kind of weapons felony involving a firearm, and reckless driving – with a fourth charge of drag racing added on a few months later. The first three charges were dismissed later on at the disposition stages – but Smith put in a guilty plea on the drag racing allegation.

He was sentenced on September 13th – and in addition to the judge ordering him to pay $1428 in fines and court costs, Smith was also placed under a six-month probation order. We can reveal, however, that Smith managed to get discharged from the probation order on December 13th.

Court records also disclose that Smith paid the outstanding $1428 on September 14th, one day after sentencing – meaning he can put at least one unpleasant episode from recent times behind him…

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