Why I a-void giving details away

Back on Monday night, I wrote that “I never reveal names for remixes whose release hasn’t been confirmed, so I won’t be revealing any.”.

I’ve had a few queries asking me to explain this one. Allow me to clarify, first of all. What I mean here is that I won’t reveal the details of any remixes until I’ve had an explicit form of confirmation that they’re going to get released. This can come in the form of a pre-order appearing on Traxsource, but I do accept more informal methods from those I trust.

This policy exists because I want to ultimately protect myself and what I have. If you boast about a release that you’ve got coming out, and then it doesn’t appear, you’re left standing there looking like a fool.

It’s not a pleasant position to be, yet it’s a position that Sterling Void was happy to see me in. He promised to release my remix of “Let Loose The Light” on his label. He promised the release of a few other remixes too. None ever appeared and none are ever likely to.

Was I naïve to believe his promises? Absolutely yes. Does that mean I shouldn’t protect myself? No it doesn’t.

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