Did Sterling Void forge Cleveland P Jones’s signature on this contract?

Back in early June, you may recall that I wrote a post about some rather dubious business practices that Sterling Void seemed to be engaged in. I came across allegations of releasing records without the proper permissions, claims of failing to pay artists and singers for their work, rumours of taking the money and doing a runner, amongst others.

It caused quite a stir at the time. It’s one of the most viewed posts in this page’s history. I have to admit I held back many of the details at the time, as his girlfriend had just been killed in a car accident. As much as I think people should be held to account for their actions, doing so before her funeral was something I was extremely uncomfortable about.

Further allegations have now emerged, and this one is probably the most serious yet. Sterling Void and Cleveland P Jones have done a few tracks together, including the unreleased “Power Of Music” that I was actually asked to remix. That’s the only reason I know about it.

Jones published a few months ago the fact he would not be doing any more house music projects. He cites the lack of financial reward as a reason. I suspected at the time there was more to the story – and I wasn’t wrong. Yesterday afternoon, he posted the following on his personal Facebook page…

“When you wake up to see your name was forged on a contract you NEVER received to sign and the person listed in the contract for signing your name on a contract I never authorized, it’s again #TimesUp, Sir!”

You can read the full statement on his page. I’ve included the photo of the contract with the seemingly forged signature of Cleveland P Jones.

Sterling Void, for what it’s worth, denies the allegations.

Just like the last time, anyone reading this is more than welcome to comment, whether they agree or disagree with anything written here. Criticism, I will accept. Abuse, I will not. Deletion and banning awaits them.

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