The one thing you won’t hear Sterling Void crowing about…

It seems that I’m back onto the subject of Mr Sterling Void today. Now, I don’t know about you, I wouldn’t want my name associated with allegations of forging signatures on contracts, taking the money from someone who was making a sample pack on your behalf and doing a runner, trying to take sole credit for a record you didn’t actually produce and so, I’d be very keen to clear my name.

Mr Void appears to disagree. Since the latest batch of allegations came towards him, he appears to have realised that being silent doesn’t work. So has he decided to defend himself? Has he decided to challenge the allegations, to set the record straight? Has he accepted any wrongdoing and apologised?

Not exactly. Cleveland P Jones’s claim of forging a signature has clearly rattled him, however. He’s spent much of the last few days posting little temper tantrums on his page – I’ve enclosed a screenshot with two examples. Most of them appear to be on the lines of “look how famous I am”.

Me doth think you protest too much, Mr Void. Someone who isn’t upset by something does not respond by posting like an immature teenager repeatedly for days afterwards.

Expect this one to run and run.

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