Whinging? Yes, but David Morales is correct

I see that David Morales isn’t happy with the state of DJing and music at the moment. In doing so, he joins a list that’s been increasing in size since day nought.

As much as I’d to be able to dismiss David Morales as a boring old fart who need to get with the times – because frankly, he does sound a bit like one here – I can’t. Because I think everything he said is true. Here’s what he said in full.

You can now literally buy yourself a career as a DJ. If you have enough money, talent is an optional extra. You can afford to travel the world whilst being paid in “exposure” until you do “make it” – at which point you’re paid obscene amounts of money to do pre-recorded 2 hour sets.

All you need is a sackful of money and a strong social media presence – and “strong social media” appears not to mean anything remotely personal or interesting. It seems to denote endless adverts for your next gig, selfies backstage with dog ears imposed, or a picture of yourself with a keyboard, even though you know as much about making music as I do about quantum physics.

I’m just glad I’m not doing things in that arena…

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