Snobs slip up on their own snobbery – part 47,258

I love it when snobs end up tripping up on their own snobbery. This piece spends several minutes telling you that you need to mix your records perfectly- before telling you that you actually don’t.

To save you the bother of clicking, it’s summed up as thus:

“Many producers feel that computers have made music too perfect, and we think they have a point. We don’t want to sound like our parents here, but the slick production sheen that’s imparted by today’s music technology can often make tracks sound samey and uninspiring.

If pristine production is your thing, that’s fine, but your music might benefit if you make things a bit more organic, a bit earthier and rawer. We know you don’t want to sound amateurish, but sometimes, you want to allow or even flaunt some slight imperfection.”

Clickbait journalism that many gullible producers will fall for.

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